Trucking is the most popular way to transport any kind of freight in the U.S. today. Infact, out of the 17-billion-dollar freight market, nearly 12.5 billion comes from Trucking! However, research shows. that three-fourths of ALL truckers do not want to indulge in trucking for too long.

The most crucial reason for this is that truckers simply don’t find the job that suits them most. Even recruiters and hiring companies don’t find the right truckers for the jobs they put out! But we’ve got a solution. And it’s going to change the face of Trucking!


Detailed On-Boarding and Search

The Truckers on our platform are required to fill in all kinds of specific details before they are on-boarded on the Truck Jobs portal. This gives you a roster of all the drivers that have applied, their experience, violations and so on. You can utilize these details to filter your search, get insights on driver activity and recommendations to find the right trucker for the jobs you post – faster.

Creating and managing jobs has never been easier! TruckBook’s algorithms ensure that we give you the best possible trucker, keeping in mind your criteria and requirements. Your job posts will only be shown to those who fit the bill and makes it easy for them to apply, too!

Once your job has been posted, you can even view other Trucker profiles at your convenience. If someone catches your eye, reach out to them and examine their suitability for yourself! We go the extra mile to make hiring efficient.

You are tapping into a large network of companies and truckers alike. Over time, based on your activity, your individual profile and other details, you will gain more and more visibility. More importantly, your reputation as a reliable hiring firm/individual will bring better matches for the jobs you put out, increasing business output by a huge amount.

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Choose your budget

You can adjust your spending or close your Job at anytime.

Receive more applicants

Pay to promote your job post to relevant candidates across Truckbook.

Truckbook as a Lifestyle Choice

This age-old gospel truth is well-known: Trucking isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Now, we add the edge that only strategic meticulously crafted technology can give you. Get on-boarded today to join the community and share this lifestyle with Truckbook. But don’t just believe us. Here’s a few testimonials from our beloved truckers themselves!

Emzar Dgvilava

Truckbook has made it so easy to find a job. I’m an owner operator and It helped me finding my favorite lane. I was able to find the address with picture on there gps / satellite view which NO other app has.

Darrell Smith

Best trucking app to find driver owner-operators Easy to use truck maps(best on business) that too free You can sell-buy rent your equipment Best app for trucking Highly recommended

Francesca Hall

This app has everything you need. From GPS, to roadside assistance, buying or selling your truck, leasing options, and most importantly finding loads right away !! I love this app !!

Alexander Groden

Just started using it it gives you a good Idea of the truck route but trust your experience more but overall great app